12 Styling Secrets for Beautiful Hair




Enjoy our best salon secrets for soft healthy hair, amazing blowouts, effortless detangling, and Pinterest-worthy styling!



#1  Sleep like a princess

Sleeping on a satin pillowcase may sound merely like a luxurious indulgence, but it can really make a difference in your hair.  A silky satin surface is not abrasive like cotton or other fabrics, so it won’t snag or cause damage to your hair as you sleep. That makes satin pillowcases the perfect option for anyone with fine hair, extensions, natural hair, curls, and other hair types that are susceptible to friction and breakage.


#2  Use dry shampoo for styling magic

If you had to be stranded on a desert island with only one styling product, you might opt for dry shampoo. It’s magical abilities include absorbing oil to make next day hair look amazing, giving your hair extra grip for updos & ponytails, and adding extra bulk and volume for killer blowouts. Plus, it gives your hair a lovely fragrance on top of it all. No beauty arsenal is complete without dry shampoo. Simply spray it on your hair at the roots and style away.


#3 Use Velcro rollers for an amazing blowout.  

Velcro rollers can help you create a fabulous blowout in less than 30 minutes.  How do you do it?

First, apply dry shampoo at the roots. Then wrap 2 inch sections of dry hair around large Velcro rollers. Give each roller a shot of warm air from a blow dryer.  Mist lightly with a lightweight setting spray, and then let the rollers cool down for about 20 minutes while you’re doing your makeup.  Remove the rollers, fluff with fingers, and you’ll have a gorgeous blowout with great volume at the roots and bend at the ends.

Rollers also work really well for setting curls when you are using a curling iron.  As soon as you release curls from the iron, wrap each one around a roller and secure it.  Then let your hair cool for about 20 minutes and mist with a finishing spray.  This “set and cool” time will give you long lasting curls that won’t fall flat.


#4 Dry like a pro

When drying, you’ll get more professional results if you are careful to direct the stream of air from the blow dryer toward the ends of your hair instead of blowing your hair around in every direction. For a big, bouncy blowout, finger-comb your hair upward and hold the dryer at a 45-degree angle with the stream of air blowing toward the ends. If you want a sleek look, direct the stream of air from the dryer so that it goes in a downward direction from the top of your head toward the ends.


#5 Detangle in the shower 

The perfect time to detangle? Right before rinsing out your conditioner. Use a vent brush, fingers, or a wide tooth comb to loosen knots and tangles with ease while your favorite conditioner is still on your hair. Never try to detangle by using a brush on dry hair.  This causes friction, contributes to frizz, leads to unnecessary tugging, and can break fragile strands.



#6  Don’t style in a steamy bathroom

Reaching for a blow dryer immediately after stepping out of a steamy hot shower is like trying to style your hair in the middle of an Amazonian rainforest. There’s just too much moisture, humidity, and steam still in the air to really dry and style your hair to look its best.

Wait until the bathroom cools off or move to another room to style instead.  Waiting about 10 minutes gives your hair a chance to air dry a bit and gives you time to apply a heat protectant to your strands and let it soak in before you start your styling routine.


#7 Clarify to remove build-up

Over time, product build-up can cause your strands to feel heavy and limp as well as lose their glossy shine. A good clarifying shampoo can remove the residue that conditioners, hair sprays, and styling products leave behind. After use, your hair will feel cleansed and refreshed.

Clarifying shampoos are not for every day use, though. They are most effective when used about twice a month. The clarifying ingredients “exfoliate” the hair cuticle, and they are generally too drying to use daily. After using a clarifying shampoo, follow up with a moisturizing conditioner to infuse your strands with healthy hydration.


#8 Give up daily shampoos

It is a myth that washing your hair every day is healthy. Quite the opposite is actually true. Washing your hair every day robs your strands of moisture and natural oils, and that can lead to dry, dull, fragile hair.   Daily shampoos also cause hair color and highlights to fade twice as fast. 

Try washing your hair every other day (or less often based on your hair type), and you’ll notice a difference. Your hair will stay healthy, shiny, and more manageable. On the days when you skip a shampoo, reach for a dry shampoo and spray it onto your hair at the roots. The dry shampoo will absorb excess oil and leave your hair with an amazing fragrance.  


#9  Smooth static and flyaways

Pesky static and flyaways can be exasperating, making them disappear is easy.   Simply spray a little hairspray onto a brush and then smooth the brush lightly through your hair.  You’ll get instant shine and those flyaways will be a thing of the past.  


# 10 Master the elusive bobby pin

If you’ve ever used a bobby pin, you know it’s a hassle to get it to stay in place without sliding right back out.  That can be totally frustrating if you’re right in the middle of creating a hair masterpiece.  Here’s the trick to mastering the bobby pin:  If you take a look at the pin, you’ll notice that one side is bumpy and the other is straight.  The bumpy side should be the side that faces your scalp.  That keeps the pin from sliding out as easily.  You can also bend the straight side of the bobby pin in half so that it makes a V shape.  Then, when you insert the pin into a bun or twist, the bent V end will catch on your hair, keeping the pin in place and preventing it from sliding out.  


#11 Pamper dry hair

If you’re noticing signs of stress, split ends or a dry texture in your hair, start a once-a-week deep conditioning regimen.

One night a week, apply a deep conditioner to your strands, wrap with a towel, and then leave on for 30 minutes to give the product time to be fully absorbed. After rinsing, your hair should feel nourished and silky smooth!


#12 Go on a hair diet

Okay, we know this tip is not technically a styling tip….but it is definitely a secret to healthy, shiny, manageable hair. And healthy hair is so much easier to style! Choosing healthy snacks and menu items helps ensure that your hair is getting the essential nutrients that it needs for optimum growth, flexibility and shine.

Try to eat biotin rich rich foods, as well as foods that are high in Vitamin A, C, B and omega fatty acids. Some of the best healthy hair powerhouses are eggs, wild salmon, lentils, sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, broccoli, citrus fruits, kiwi fruit, lean meats and healthy oils. Blend several fruits and vegetables together into a smoothie for an easy, nutrient dense, on-the-go drink that feeds your locks.