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Men, you do not have to settle for an ill-fitting toupee that fools no one.   If you are looking for a custom hairpiece, our hair systems for men at On Stage are the answer.    Our state-of-the-art systems are created for men who want the best hairpiece option on the market—an option that will give back all of the hair that you have lost in a manner  that looks natural, believable and totally undetectable.   Imagine having a thick, full head of hair again instantly, without an invasive and costly transplant procedure and without experimenting with ineffective hair growth drugs.  Our custom hair replacement solutions will give you natural hair that looks as if it is growing right out of your head.

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Hair replacement technology has made tremendous advances in recent years.  Our customized hair systems and  hairpieces for men are not your standard, off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill  toupee.   They are a hair loss solution that is crafted just for you and no one else.   When you meet with our hair loss experts, we’ll consult with you about the exact end result that you would like to achieve. 

Our vast inventory of hair  includes just about every texture and wave pattern that you can imagine from curly to straight, fine to coarse,  and every color and shade imaginable.   You get to be involved in the process from the very beginning.   You can choose the precise textures, lengths, and thickness to replace and  give you back the hair that you’ve lost.  Colors can be mixed so that they will blend imperceptibly with your existing hair.  Want a little gray added?   We can do that too….gray can be added throughout or just around the temples or in any percentage that you would like.

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The high quality of our hair restoration service gives you believable results.   No one will know you are wearing a men’s hairpiece with one of our hair systems.   They really are that good.


If you are in the New Orleans area, make an appointment today with one of our hair loss experts..    We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions that you may have.

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Perhaps you are experiencing a little thinning around the edges or maybe your loss has advanced to the point of almost complete baldness. What are your options?

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Watching as your hair begins to thin or lose volume can be emotional and painful. You do not have to forfeit your style or live with sparse hair growth and thinning hair.

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Our superior quality hair systems use 100% natural remy human hair and are designed to replicate the look of your own growing hair.   Far from being a one-size-fits-all wig or toupee, our hair replacement systems are state-of-the-art hair loss solutions.