Hair Color Trends



Looking for a way to take your hair to its next level of greatness? Other than the perfect cut, getting a new color is one of the easiest ways to transform ordinary hair into hair that deserves a standing ovation. Check out our specialty color techniques that are totally on point with this year’s style trends.








If you’re drawn to color applications that are blended and soft, you may want to ask your stylist to use a ‘color melting’ technique at your next salon appointment. With this type of color application, several shades are added to your hair and blended seamlessly. The technique produces beautiful dimensional tones with no harsh lines or highly visible transitions from color to color.












This technique gets its name from the French word for tortoiseshell—“ecaille”. Just like the gorgeous range of tones typically seen in a tortoiseshell, Ecaille Balayage uses a palette of caramels, golden blondes, chestnuts and chocolates to create incredible multidimensional hair color.

During the process, the hair at your roots is colored slightly darker than your natural color, while hair at the ends is colored lighter. Then skillful hair painting is used to create different tones throughout the rest of your hair. The effect of all those rich caramel, golden, chestnut and chocolate tones blended together is absolutely breathtaking.












Sombre hair color is the softer and more subtle version of ombre. With the sombre technique, there is much less contrast between the color at your roots and ends. The color at the ends makes a soft and gradual transition as it moves upward. Some beautiful versions of Sombre include Bronde Sombre, Caramel Sombre and Mocha Sombre—all exquisite blends of brunette into blonde.













Babylights or baby blonde highlights mimic the natural, sun-kissed strands that you see in children’s hair. These delicate highlights are created by applying dye to very small amounts hair which are separated and placed in individual foils during a specialty lightening process.













Love the look of beachy, sun-kissed hair? If so, ask for balayage highlights. These highlights are created with a specialty technique in which color is ‘painted’ onto the ends of your hair and then lightly swept upward so that the strands are not entirely saturated with color during the lightening process. The result is hair that looks as if it has spent a summer at the beach, with lighter ends and soft, natural-looking sun-kissed strands. Because the color is typically not applied heavily near the roots, these highlights grow out beautifully as your hair gets longer without leaving a ‘line’. It’s a low maintenance color that still looks fabulous months after your salon appointment.













Admittedly, this multi-platinum color is show-stopping and not for the faint of heart. To get the look, your hair is first bleached to a very light, almost white-blonde. Then a purple toner is added to remove any brassy yellow tones. Finally, a gray hair dye is applied. End result? A dramatic silver blonde color.














Vibrant copper hair color is a great complement for our salon guests who have warm skin undertones. The rich warm hue looks fabulous in every season, and can range from golden copper tones to “ronze” which is a blend of coppery red and bronze.












Do you love your color but feel like your hair has simply lost its shine? A hair gloss treatment is an easy way to add a lustrous glow back to your locks. A gloss seals the outer cuticle layer of your hair which leads to smooth, shiny and less frizzy strands.

A clear gloss can add shine, while a tinted gloss can refresh dull color, correct brassiness, or tone down & deepen your existing shade. Once applied to the hair, the gloss perfects and color-corrects any hair color imperfections that have occurred since your last salon visit. Say good-bye to any faded ends and dull looking strands. 






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