Hair Loss Myths


Ever heard that standing on your head will help to stimulate hair growth?   Or that shaving your head will make your hair grow back thicker?   There is no shortage of strange tales and other “miracle home remedies”  for hair loss, and there are just as many myths about what causes hair loss in the first place.   While some are comical, these myths are often relayed as truth.   At On Stage, we are available to help you separate what is fact from fantasy, and to assist you in choosing hair replacement options that really work.


#1:  Shaving your head will cause hair to grow back thicker.  This is false.  Shaving your head will  not cause the density of your hair to increase when it regrows.

#2:  Wearing a hat can cause your hair to fall out.   Obviously, this is untrue.  You can wear a hat with confidence -- just make sure that it is clean.  Dirty hats do not contribute to a healthy scalp and hair environment.

#3:   If you wash your hair too often, it will fall out.  This is also false.  Shampooing your hair on a daily basis does not cause hair loss. Nor will it cause your hair to become thinner.

#4:  Stress, pregnancy, or trauma can cause hair loss.  This is sometimes true.  However, these conditions normally cause temporary and not permanent hair loss.   When the stress or pregnancy ends and life returns to normal, your hair will typically return to its former thickness.

#5:   Styling products can cause hair loss.   False.  Products such as hair spray, mousse, and styling gel will not make your hair fall out.  Using flat irons and curling irons improperly, however, can have an effect on hair breakage.  Be careful when using heat styling tools and always use low temperatures, especially if your hair is very fine or thin.   Applying a heat protectant spray or serum to your hair before heat styling is highly recommended.



Hair loss in men and women can be triggered by a multitude of factors.  Many times more than one trigger is at work.


In the majority of hair loss cases, non-surgical hair replacement provides the best option.   The results are realistic, natural, and allow you to regain the hair and the style that you had before your hair loss.   

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