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This is exceptional line of hair care from Paul Mitchell is the answer for dry frizzy hair or any hair that needs superb nourishment and hydration.  The formula actually treats your hair from the inside out.   The color safe system features a 100% sulfate free shampoo as well as deep condtioners  and styling products that hydrate your hair and protect it from moisture loss and breakage.    The Moisturizing Lather Shampoo, Keratin Cream Rinse and Styling Treatment Oil all won Best of Beauty Awards from Allure Magazine.   Other products in the collection include HydroMist blowout Spray, Keratriplex Treatment,  Texturizing Sea Spray, Finishing Spray, and Shine Spray.

Sulfate free
Advanced color protection
Intense hydration and moisture for softness & shine
Repair years of damage in minutes
Nourishes hair from the inside out.




Is your hair showing signs of stress and damage?  Daily heat styling, sun exposure, blow drying, and chemical processing can take their toll on fragile hair strands, leaving them stripped of moisture, broken, and dull.   If the health of your hair is at risk and if you are noticing split ends, breakage and a texture that is more crunchy than silky, then make an appointment at our Slidell hair salon for the best hair therapy on the market.   Paul Mitchell's Keratriplex treatment is the answer for hair that needs intense hydration and a powerful dose of healing ingredients.



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