Hair Salon Slidell: Best Hair Styling Tips

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Your hair has a personality that is unique.  Whether you're a platinum blonde with a baby fine hair texture or a sultry brunette with voluminous curls,  the stylists at On Stage Hair Salon in Slidell have the amazing skill needed to bring out the best in your hair, no matter what your hair type!  We can recommend the perfect haircut and style, along with expert product recommendations that will give your hair what it craves and needs to stay healthy and beautiful every day!


Find your hair type below, and explore our professional tips for gorgeous hair.


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Curly hair is uniquely different from all other hair types!  If you're a curly girl, your hair needs moisture and deep conditioning to stay hydrated and healthy.   You also need products that will help define your curls and make them shiny and full of life.  Check out our top recommendations and styling tips!

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Does sleek smooth hair feel out of reach?   If your hair seems to have a mind of its own, our tips for taming frizz can be a lifesaver.   Learn what causes frizz, what things to avoid, and what products will give you the smooth, luxurious tresses of your dreams.

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While other hair types can skip a day between shampoos, you may feel like your hair needs constant washing to stay clean.  If your hair leans toward the oily side, you need products that are formulated to gently remove excess oil without stripping your hair. 

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Hair that has been colored, highlighted or glazed needs gentle cleansing and special care to ensure that the color stays vibrant and the hair stays healthy.  Follow our best tips for keeping your color looking amazing long after your hair salon appointment.



Is your hair showing signs of stress and damage?  Daily heat styling, sun exposure, blow drying, and chemical processing can take their toll on fragile hair strands, leaving them stripped of moisture, broken, and dull.   If the health of your hair is at risk and if you are noticing split ends, breakage and a texture that is more crunchy than silky, then make an appointment at our Slidell hair salon for the best hair therapy on the market.   Paul Mitchell's Keratriplex treatment is the answer for hair that needs intense hydration and a powerful dose of healing ingredients.


Make an appointment at On Stage Hair Salon in Slidell LA today, and discover a hair salon like none other!  We are specialists in hair extensions, hair replacement, and exceptional salon services.