Mens Hair Loss Solutions in New Orleans


Men’s hair loss is typically caused by a condition known as Androgenetic Alopecia, or male pattern baldness.   Male pattern baldness shows up as baldness or thinning hair around the crown area as well as receding hairlines and total baldness on the upper areas of the head.  

What causes this type of hair loss?   The culprit is a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, or DHT.   This chemical attacks the hair follicle, causing it to shrink and resulting in hair that becomes weak, thin, and eventually stops growing.   Hair located on the top of the head and along the hair line tends to be more sensitive to the DHT hormone and these areas are the zones where men generally notice the highest frequency of baldness and thinning.  Other conditions that can be attributed to hair loss include stress, hormonal changes,  age, and the effects of certain drugs or medications.

For men in the advanced stages of hair loss, the best route to regain a thick, full head of hair again is a hair replacement system.   Topical treatments such as Propecia and Rogaine are not effective in advanced stages of hair loss, and surgical hair transplanting requires a sufficient amount of healthy hair follicles in order to be effective.  For many men, this is not an option as there is simply not enough healthy hair left to provide the density that they need for a full, attractive head of hair.  

By contrast, a hair system provides a realistic and natural looking solution without invasive surgery.  Our systems are state of the art and customized according to your individual preferences for a completely undetectable appearance.   

Don’t give up your youthful appearance.  You can have the hair you want without the wait.  Call us today for a FREE consultation.  Our experts will be happy to meet with you for a confidential hair and scalp analysis and to discuss options which will best meet your needs.


Better than laser treatments or surgical procedures, a hair system will give you realistic, natural results and a thick, full head of hair.



There are many myths regarding hair loss.  What is fact and what is sheer fantasy?



Stress, aging, medications and other issues can all lead to thinning hair and baldness.


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