Ombre Hair Extensions in New Orleans





The ombre look is by far the most popular hair color trend this year, and with our ombre hair extensions, you can instantly get gorgeous color added to your hair plus extra volume and length.  Who loesn't love more volume and length? 

If you've been longing for the beauty of the ombre style, but you're reluctant to permanently alter your hair with a chemical color service, this is the way to go.   You get all the glamour without the commitment.  Ombre hair extensions allow you to be at the height of fashion for as long as you wish, and then when you are ready to change your look, the extensions can be removed quickly and easily with no damage to your hair cuticle.


Because our extensions are created from high quality, hand-selected 100% natural hair,  they will blend beautifully and undetectably with your own hair with extraordinary shine and manageability.  Unlike synthetic or sub-quality extensions, we use only 100% remy, European-type hair so the results are absolutely gorgeous.  Another bonus?  No messy glues, clips or beads are used for attaching them.   The hair is pre-bonded with 100% Keratin Tips allowing it to be applied to your hair in a way that is strong and completely safe for your natural hair.   

These are the best hair extensions in the New Orleans area, and you will love the extra attention and compliments that will come your way after having them added to your hair.

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