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In the world of extensions, you will often hear the term “remy hair”.   This term is used to describe the highest quality extensions that are available.  When hair extensions are branded as remy quality, this means that the hair has been carefully hand-selected from a pure, natural, unprocessed source.  It guarantees that the hair has been gently processed in order to remain “cuticle correct” with a healthy appearance, strength, shine and integrity.    

Why is choosing remy hair important?    

Choosing top quality hair is the key to enjoying extensions that will look gorgeous long after you leave the salon.  With remy hair, the protective outer cuticle of each strand of hair remains carefully preserved is aligned and running in the same direction from root to tip as every other strand of hair.  This ensures that your tresses will look absolutely amazing shampoo after shampoo, and that your style will remain soft, manageable, and virtually tangle free for months.    Remy extensions blend with and look authentically like your naturally growing hair.  You can blow dry them, use rollers or a curling iron, or straighten them with a flat iron.  With proper care and conditioning they will remain healthy, vibrant, manageable, and shiny for a very long time.  

What happens with non-remy hair?

Non-remy hair is generally the type that you find for sale in your local beauty supply store or sold at discount prices online.    Even though it is touted as “human hair” and is generally sold at an economical price that seem too good to be true, this type of hair does not offer the same quality.   Non-remy hair extensions may look fantastic in the package and when they are first applied, however, you will be disappointed after just a few shampoos.  
Non remy extensions are created from bundles of bulk hair which is not “cuticle correct”.  Instead of being carefully hand-selected, the hair is gathered from piles taken from random donors.   This means that the outer cuticle of some strands of hair is often lined up in one direction while the cuticle of other strands is facing the opposite way.  Obviously, it is much cheaper, faster, and easier to gather and sell hair this way, but the quality is very poor.  In order to disguise the inferior quality, many manufacturers will process the hair in an acid bath which strips off the protective outer cuticle.  Next a layer of silicone is applied to cover the stripped cuticle in order to bring back a shiny finishing coat.   This intense over processing creates sub-quality, unhealthy hair that is compromised and fragile.  After just a few shampoos, the silicone coating wears off, and you are left with hair that is dull and prone to breakage, tangling and matting.  

While it sounds cliché, you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to extensions.  Don’t settle for lesser quality.   Make an appointment with our experts at On Stage today!  We guarantee you will love the quality and beauty that you receive with our SoCap extensions.