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Many wigs and hairpieces on the market simply do not give natural looking results to men and women who are seeking a solution for hair loss, thinning hair, or baldness.  Even popular full lace wigs and lace front wig styles can be very limiting as far as providing hair that looks realistic and that can be styled without limitations.  When you are suffering from hair loss, the last thing you want is a bad toupee that makes you feel even more self-conscious or a hair piece that looks fake and feels uncomfortable to wear.  

If you are frustrated with the lack of high quality wig or hairpiece options in the New Orleans area, visit us!  Our hair systems at On Stage offer a better alternative for replacing hair that has been lost due to male or female pattern baldness, alopecia, aging, chemotherapy or other causes.   


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Unlike a typical wig, a hair system looks like your very own hair.   While a toupee doesn’t fool anyone, a hair system definitely can and does.   The natural human hair strands that are used to create a hair system replicate the look of your own growing hair. The effect is so realistic that it will appear as if the hair is growing from your scalp.   

Another difference?   Most toupees, lace front and full lace wigs are mass produced in an overseas factory by someone you will never meet.  The hair is of lesser quality and over time, it can lose its luster, fullness, and color.  It can feel heavy, hot, and uncomfortable to wear, and often gives you a look that is unnatural.   By contrast, a hair system is created specifically for you by one of our specialists using state of the art technology.   At On Stage, we take time to personally get to know you during an in-depth consultation.  We listen to your preferences and your goals, learn more about your history and your condition, and allow you to be fully involved in the process of creating a custom made and custom fit solution for your hair loss.  Unlike a hair piece or wig that you purchase off the shelf, a hair system can be customized -- you can choose the exact texture, hair length and color, thickness and style.  You can add highlights, curl or waves, gray accents—the options are endless.  Best of all, the system is lightweight and comfortable and the results look realistic and natural.  You get precisely the hair and the look that you want.   


While a toupee or traditional hairpiece can limit the type of activities that you can enjoy, a hair system allows you to pursue a normal lifestyle with confidence.  There is never any threat of embarrassment or fear that your wig is going to fall off in public or that your toupee will slip or become detached.   Your hair will remain completely secure while you take on the world and follow a full day of activities.  You can part it in any direction, play a vigorous round of tennis, run a marathon, work out at the gym, or walk on a windy day knowing that your hair will stay in place.   Style, piece of mind, and a full thick head of hair—now that is something to get excited about!

Contact one of our hair replacement experts at On Stage for a FREE consultation, and get back your image, your confidence, and your hair without costly transplant surgery,  ineffective hair growth drugs or toupees that just look ridiculous.    We have a custom solution waiting just for you.



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Better than laser treatments or surgical procedures, a hair system will give you realistic, natural results and a thick, full head of hair.



There are many humorous myths regarding hair loss.  What is fact and what is sheer fantasy?  Find out which claims are unfounded and which are supported by research.



Stress, aging, medications and other issues can all lead to thinning hair and baldness.  In some cases, the loss of hair can be temporary, while in other situations, the condition is inherited and can be permanent.